AnyVision Teams with NVIDIA to Offer CCTV Facial Recognition

AnyVision Teams with NVIDIA to Offer CCTV Facial RecognitionIsrael-based computer vision specialist AnyVision has teamed up with NVIDIA to promote a facial recognition solution to the government sector. AnyVision has joined NVIDIA’s Metropolis Software Partner Program, and is now able to run its technology on NVIDIA Graphics Processing Units.

The company is promoting its solution as a smart city tool that can be used to thwart crime, track missing persons, and so on, by scanning feeds from CCTV cameras mounted in public areas. In a statement, AnyVision asserted that its technology can “detect, track, and recognize any person of interest in a large crowd with more than 99% accuracy.”

It’s one of a growing number of such solutions, and arrives in a market that may harbor a growing appetite for them. Officials in Berlin, for example, were considering the use of CCTV facial recognition at a major train station last summer; meanwhile, the country of Georgia saw a large scale deployment of a CCTV facial recognition solution from NEC. There is also interest from the private sector, with the head of a prominent sports venue operator in Australia having recently revealed that his firm is considering the use of facial recognition security. Given AnyVision’s claims about the sophistication of its technology, it may attract some considerable attention from interests across these sectors.