App Aims to Connect Users with Healthcare Pros

App Aims to Connect Users with Healthcare ProsA new, Toronto-based personal health platform has launched in Canada. Called LEAGUE, it’s a mobile-based system meant to connect users with preventative health professionals in their neighborhoods.

The platform gives users a mobile digital interface through which to connect with health professionals for things like appointment scheduling, one-on-one messaging, and sharing health data. Biometric health data collected from wearable devices and apps can be incorporated into the system and shared with caregivers quickly and almost effortlessly.

In a statement, LEAGUE CEO Michael Serbinis explained the rational behind the platform, which is meant to “fundamentally change how people think about health,” saying that the company is working towards “a future where health will be highly personalized, ‘always-on,’ and focused on prevention — helping you live well every day.” LEAGUE is meant “to empower people to act every day,” he said, “by connecting with the health professionals, services, and care that is right for them.”

It isn’t the only mobile platform with such aspirations, of course. Apple’s HealthKit launched last fall with an aim to agglomerate users’ health data via the iPhone’s biometric capabilities, and numerous other fitness and health platforms have built upon that idea. But by connecting users to their local healthcare professionals, LEAGUE is bringing something new to the table, and might be able to get some extra traction in the personal healthcare market.