Apple Enjoys Record iPhone Sales in Q1

Apple Aims at Privacy ConcernsApple has been crushing it with its latest iPhones, according to an Associated Press article on CBC News. In the first quarter of this year, the company sold 74.5 million units, which greatly contributed to a total revenue of USD $74.6 billion.
On a call with analysts, CEO Tim Cook said the demand was “staggering”, and indeed the sales were record-setting. The demand can be partly explained by Apple’s adoption of a bigger screen for its iPhone plus, finally catching up with rivals’ bigger screens. But it’s also likely driven by what is generally a very strong brand. Apple is able to generate excitement about all of its products, even when similar offerings from rivals have failed. Case in point: Digital payments systems such as Google Wallet had been around for years before Apple released its Apple Pay system, but it was the latter that really started to drive mainstream adoption of the technology. That success, along with these latest numbers for its iPhones, bodes well for its upcoming Apple Watch.
And it bodes ill for Apple’s rivals. In an increasingly crowded smartphone market, Samsung has been struggling to find ways to stay ahead, but it’s now losing market share even on home turf. Apple also enjoyed strong numbers in the Chinese market over the first quarter, and that will make for a pretty tough contest when the Samsung’s Android devices start to face off against the iPhone’s Apple Pay system in the Chinese mCommerce market later this year.