Apple Gives Samsung a Run for Its Money in South Korea

Apple Aims at Privacy ConcernsApple has attained a groundbreaking level of market share in South Korea – for a foreign company. As reported in an article on 9to5 Mac by Benjamin Mayo, Apple’s level of market share has risen to 33 percent in South Korea, a record level for a company not based there.
The increase in market share seems to largely be a product of excitement over the latest iterations of Apple’s flagship iPhone mobile device – the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus – with sales more than doubling in the last quarter of last year. Apple is the first foreign company to ever breach the 20 percent mark in smartphone market share.
This, of course, is bad news for local heavyweight Samsung. Like Apple, the market giant has been suffering the slings and arrows of lower-end – yet technologically advanced – smartphones flooding into the market, and has been looking for ways to advance its brand and maintain its market share. As Mayo points out, if Apple’s rate of growth were to continue it could easily become the largest smartphone player in the South Korean market, which could be a devastating defeat for Samsung, not just commercially but morally.
That having been said, Apple’s massive success is unlikely to continue unabated, and with the smartphone world eagerly awaiting Samsung’s Galaxy S6, it could make a comeback yet.