Apple iOS in Good Shape as m-Commerce Platform

Apple Aims at Privacy ConcernsThe Black Friday figures are coming in, and it looks like Apple’s iOS is doing great in terms of mobile commerce, according to a Business Insider article by Jay Yarow. According to some of the most important metrics, iOS has performed much better than its chief rival, the Android operating system.
Yarow notes that Apple has a share of 12 percent of the global smartphone market, while Samsung has 82 percent; yet iOS took 21.9 percent of all mobile sales, versus Android’s 5.8 percent. Perhaps more importantly, the average value of a purchase over iOS was $121.86, while Android users shelled out $98.07 on average. These figures reflect previously-noted trends in showing that Apple users are part of a sort of prestige market. It’s important because it gives businesses and developers a strong incentive to continue to pursue the iOS’s share of the market.
User wealth aside, it’s hard to account for exactly what is behind Apple’s dominance of the m-commerce market, though it can’t have hurt that Apple has pioneered a large-scale mobile payment system, and has employed biometric security measures on its mobile devices, thereby easing user anxieties about digital commerce fraud.