Apple iOS Update Imminent

Apple Aims at Privacy ConcernsA new iOS update is on the way from Apple, according to a Forbes article by Gordon Kelly. How does he know? Because the other day Apple released the fifth iOS 8.2 beta to developers, and historically the company tends not to go beyond five betas before releasing an update.
The biggest update that iOS 8.2 will bring to the table is its compatibility with the Apple Watch, slated to hit the market this April. But there is also an indication that the new update will fix a major bug. In the beta version’s notes is a line noting that a “3rd party calendar sync” bug has been fixed, which seems to refer to the “GMT Bug”, an issue that has attracted 300,000 views on Apple’s support sites.
Unfortunately, there is no indication in the beta notes that some other major bugs have been fixed, most notably problems related to arbitrary wifi disconnection, battery life, and Bluetooth functionality. Nevertheless, as competitors like Android continue to arm their mobile operating systems with more and more advanced features, Apple needs to make whatever baby steps it can to stay competitive, and its users will surely appreciate whatever fixes they can get.