Apple to Overcome In-Display Touch ID Hurdles for New iPhone: Investor Analyst

A new report from an investment firm is zeroing in on the delayed launch schedule of Apple’s next iPhone, reports AppleInsider.

Apple to Overcome In-Display Touch ID Hurdles for New iPhone: Investor AnalystIn a note to investors, Rosenblatt Securities’ Jun Zhang suggests that the iPhone 8 won’t go into production in earnest until late September, with Apple churning out 25 million units that month, and proceeding to produce 60 million more during the remainder of the year.

As with numerous other recent reports, Zhang cites Apple’s difficulties in integrating its Touch ID fingerprint scanning system into the new device’s display as the primary cause for the delay in production. But the firm’s prediction is notable for its optimism about the prospect of success: AppleInsider says its analyst is “historically extremely critical of Apple”, yet “Zhang continues to believe that Apple won’t give up on Touch ID in favor of a facial recognition sensor, and that any apparent issues will be worked out before the product launches.”

That goes against the grain of recent speculation suggesting that Apple will put Touch ID in the iPhone 8’s home button, or possibly even give up on the fingerprint scanning system altogether in favor of the device’s anticipated facial recognition capabilities.

Of course, as advanced as Touch ID and other forms of biometric security can be, such authentication mechanisms aren’t a safeguard against all the digital threats that mobile devices face. Rosenblatt Securites’ investor note arrives just as Apple has begun to urge iPhone users to download a software update designed to protect devices from a new piece of malware called Broadpwn, which is designed to infiltrate iOS and Android devices as they search for WiFi networks. The malware allows hackers to remotely control targeted devices, regardless of whether they’re locked by passcodes or Touch ID.

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