Apple Pay a New Vehicle for Democrat Support with ActBlue Integration

ActBlue, a fundraising tool aimed at supporting Democrat government campaigns, has officially announced its Apple Pay support. The development means that whenever an end user has enabled Apple Pay on their device, it appears as a payment options when they are about to make a donation.Apple Pay a New Vehicle for Democrat Support with ActBlue Integration

The Apple Pay support has actually been in the works for some time. In a blog post announcing the move, ActBlue notes that it initiated a soft launch of Apple Pay support last autumn, and saw “a million dollars” come in through Apple Pay ahead of the federal election. What’s more, the organizations says it “saw a 6.5% increase in conversion rates among users with Apple Pay active,” suggesting the mPayment platform could actually offer a slight boost in donations when available.

ActBlue is also allowing organizations to track Apple Pay contributions, with such analytics also enabled for PayPal. Advising users about this feature, the organization says, “Your Apple Pay percentage might look small now, but as more folks adopt Apple Pay, we expect that to grow.”

It’s another example of the more novel applications of Apple Pay beyond merchant purchases, with charitable giving platform Causemo also having integrated Apple Pay support last year after Apple itself announced Apple Pay support for a range of charitable organizations in November.