Apple Pay Sees Swiss Launch

Apple Pay has launched in Switzerland. It’s the seventh country in which the mPayment service is now in operation, joining Australia, Canada, China, Singapore, the UK, and the US.

Apple Pay Arrives in Switzerland Apple Pay arrives in Switzerland with the support of MasterCard and Visa, and payment cards issued by BonusCard, Cornèrcard, and Swiss Bankers. Domestic merchants supporting Apple Pay include Avec, C&A, K Kiosk, SPAR, and more—’tens of thousands more’ stores, according to Apple, suggesting widespread support for the NFC-based platform in the country.

The Swiss launch of Apple Pay gives credence to Apple’s recent assertions that it was working strenuously to bring its mPayment service to more markets in Europe and Asia. During its WWDC developers’ conference, the company indicated that a Swiss debut was coming imminently, along with launches in France and Hong Kong. Now that it has gone live in one of those countries, it seems the others are likely to follow very soon.