Apple Pay Cash Revealed in New Video Tutorial

A new tutorial video from Apple posted to YouTube showed how to use Apple Pay Cash, Apple’s forthcoming P2P payments system.

Apple Pay Cash Revealed in New Video TutorialSpeculation about the payments service started to percolate in the spring of this year, and Apple confirmed that it was in the pipeline in June, saying it would launch with its big new update to the iOS operating system this autumn. iOS 11 has now arrived without Apple Pay Cash, but Apple is evidently getting ready to launch the service.

The video showed how a user could open an Apple Pay app within its Messages app, enter an amount of money to transfer, and then confirm the payment with Touch ID or Face ID, the big new facial recognition system on the iPhone X. Thus, money can be transferred between Apple users via a simple text message.

While Apple Pay Cash is no secret, the video was unlisted when it was discovered on YouTube, and appears to have now been removed. In stressing the simplicity, of using Apple Pay Cash, it seems that the video did not go over the setup process, which is thought to involve an ID document verification component. We’ll find out more about that soon enough, though, given that a launch of the service appears to be imminent.

Sources: AppleInsider, MacRumors