Apple Pay Taps Into The Holiday Spirit

Apple Pay is getting a touch of the holiday spirit: Apple has announced that its mPayment platform now supports charitable donations to nonprofit organizations. That means the kind-hearted can send money to worthy causes with a few touches of the finger, using Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanning to confirm their donations.Apple Pay Gets Into The Holiday Spirit

In a statement announcing the new functionality, Apple Pay VP Jennifer Bailey explained, “Websites and apps tell us they see twice as many people actually completing a purchase with Apple Pay than with other payment methods,” so “offering such a simple and secure way to support the incredible work nonprofits do will have a significant impact on the communities they serve.” Available now, the functionality supports 19 nonprofits including the American Red Cross, Médecins Sans Frontières, and UNICEF, and the roster is set to grow soon.

The feature’s arrival just ahead of the holiday season could help to raise the profile of Apple Pay among consumers as they contemplate charitable giving in keeping with the spirit of the season. But it need not be interpreted exclusively in market terms: The functionality could offer a boost to charitable giving, and will likely be a welcome support to the many nonprofits participating.