No Free Rides for Apple Pay Users on London Transit

No Free Rides for Apple Pay Users on London TransitTransport for London inspectors can in fact catch Apple Pay users who haven’t paid their fares, the organization says. The clarification comes after a report appeared on Expert Reviews claiming that TfL inspectors simply have no way of checking if Apple Pay users have actually paid.

The misinformation followed other recent reports of difficulties associated with using Apple Pay on the London transit system, since the service got underway earlier this month. TfL itself had been warning passengers that problems could arise if they receive calls while trying to pay, or if they user multiple credit or debit cards on one Apple Pay account, or if they are from another country. The biggest issue of all seemed to be that some passengers were running out of power after using their smartphones and Apple Watches to tap on and board, preventing them from tapping off when disembarking.

At least in this case, though, TfL has its act together. The organization has clarified that inspectors will be able to scan the accounts of Apple Pay users to verify that they had in fact paid for their transit, and that those who hadn’t paid would be subject to maximum fare charges and possibly to penalty fines. As the other Apple Pay issues are (hopefully) resolved going forward, passengers and TfL alike can at least rest assured that this very necessary process feature – verifying payment – is indeed in place.

Source: Wired