Apple Pay, MasterCard Revive Free Ride Promotion with Transport for London

Apple PayApple and MasterCard have teamed up once again to promote Apple Pay on the Transport for London network. Rehashing a promotion first launched last autumn, the companies are offering free rides on Mondays from February 29th to March 14th.

When the promotion was first launched last year, it was seen by some as a means of making amends for technical issues that had plagued the initial rollout of Apple Pay on the transit network. This newest campaign seems to be aimed at promoting the mPayment service more generally as Apple anticipates the UK launch of its main rival, Samsung Pay. As was the case in the US, Apple Pay is the incumbent platform, and thus is seeking to shore up its brand recognition before any major rivals can start to chip away at its marketshare.

Helping matters is the simplicity of signing up. All of the UK’s major banks now support Apple Pay, so cardholders need only to add their MasterCard account information to the Apple Pay mobile app, and from there it’s just a matter of scanning their fingerprints via the iPhone’s Touch ID system to authorize payments prior to boarding a TfL vehicle. And if it’s one of the next three Mondays, the ride will be free.