Apple Pay Gets PC Financial Support

PC Financial is now offering Apple Pay support. Customers of the Loblaws subsidiary can now upload their PC Financial MasterCard payment cards to Apple’s mobile payments service.

Apple Pay Gets PC Financial SupportAs with so many of the other financial services companies that have offered Apple Pay support, PC Financial emphasized its convenience and security in announcing its support. In a statement, PC Bank President Barry Columb explained that his company’s customers want “simplicity, convenience and, most importantly, security when making a payment, and we look forward to offering Apple Pay as a digital option that delivers on all of these values.” Apple Pay is also accepted at all Loblaws stores, the brand representing one of Canada’s major grocery and drug store chains.

Apple Pay launched in Canada last autumn, and now has the support of the country’s biggest banks. Now, with PC Financial support, even more Canadians will have access to the mPayment service as it continues to gain traction in the country and worldwide.