Apple Pay Launches in Russia

Apple Pay has launched in Russia.

Apple Pay Launches in RussiaThe mobile payment service makes its debut in the country with the support of Mastercard and domestic bank Sberbank. Retailers onboard to accept Apple Pay include Media Markt, BP, and Atak supermarkets, with Burger King promising coming support.

It’s a bit of a get for Apple in a country whose mobile market is dominated by Samsung. As CNBC reports, Apple’s marketshare is 10.4 percent in Russia, compared to Samsung’s 20.6 percent. But the two companies aren’t really competing in mPayments; they’re restricted to discrete hardware and software ecosystems. One’s success could even help the other by further popularizing mPayments.

Russia is the tenth country in which Apple Pay is now available, following closely after its launch in Japan last month.

Sources: CNBC, The Verge, Reuters