Apple Pay Gets More Support in US, China, Australia

Apple has extended support for its biometrically secured wallet among financial institutions in the US, China, and Australia.

Apple Pay Gets More Support in US, China, AustraliaApple Pay got its biggest additional boost in the US, with a number of banks and credit unions coming on board, including names like Barksdale Federal Credit Union and Lyons National Bank. Santander also found its way back onto the US roster, having evidently been added prematurely last month.

In China, meanwhile, two banks added their support: Bank of Ningxia and Tianjin Binhai Rural Commercial Bank. In Australia, where Apple has faced strident opposition from major banks seeking to resist this new competitor, it has added one new backer for Apple Pay, Firefighters Mutual Bank.

The new support underlines Apple Pay’s continuing expansion across the globe, with the mPayment platform also having found the support of the WePay payment network last week.

Sources: AppleInsider, 9to5Mac