Studies Find Apple Pay Use on the Rise in US

Studies Find Apple Pay Use on the Rise in USIncreasing numbers of Americans are using Apple Pay, according to a new report from the Auriemma Consulting Group. Based on the results of three waves of phone interviews with 500 iPhone users in the US, the firm believes that usage has increased steadily with sales of the mobile devices.

ACG actually found that the percentage of subjects who reported using the mPayment service didn’t change between the studies, which were conducted in February, April, and May-June; it stayed at 42 percent. But over that same period, sales of the latest models of iPhones increased, leading the researchers to infer that more people must be using Apple Pay. Moreover, the average number of transactions has been increasing, and more merchants have been supporting the mPayment service, with survey respondents reporting increased use of Apple Pay – for example, in the first survey only 13 percent of respondents had said they used it in over six stores, but that number went up to 24 percent in the latest round of interviews.

The consultancy has even higher expectations for Apple Pay’s performance in the UK, where it launched just a couple of weeks ago, and where a greater proportion of merchants are accepting the service given the country’s more widespread use of NFC technology. And all over the world, attitudes could warm towards Apple Pay as mPayment platforms become more commonplace in general; in a statement, ACG Payment Insights Managing Director Marianne Berry predicted that the “introduction of Android Pay later this year may accelerate the evolution of perceptions about mobile payments moving from novelty to mainstream.” That would be good news not just for Apple, but for all the mPayment platforms in the growing market.