Apple Pay Wins Over Another Bank

Apple PayAnother bank has begun supporting Apple Pay, according to a Buffalo Business First article by Allissa Kline. Keybank N.A., in Buffalo, New York, has announced that its customers can use their iPhone 6 devices to make mobile payments.

Keybank N.A. is the third-largest bank in Western New York, according to Kline, and it’s also the third of the big three to offer Apple Pay support. The biggest one, M&T Bank, started supporting the mPayment service last November, and the second-biggest, First Niagara, followed suit in February.

Apple Pay has been steadily proliferating the mass market ever since its launch, when it already had a number of large retailers and financial institutions on board. It went on to attract the attention of forward-thinking, smaller retailers and larger entities alike, with the White House and the Royal Bank of Scotland both having recently announced support for the platform.

Its early momentum may prove to have been important, as major rivals are now entering the ring. Android Pay and Alipay are both going to be giving Apple Pay a run for its money, especially in the Chinese market, while Samsung Pay will utilize technology that doesn’t require merchants to upgrade their POS terminals with NFC technology, as Apple Pay does.