Apple Plays Catch-Up with Mobile Maps App

Apple Plays Catch-Up with Mobile Map AppApple has confirmed that it has a fleet of camera-equipped cars collecting visual data for its Apple Maps application. The project seems to be more or less the same thing seen through Google’s efforts with its Street View system.

The primary objective of Street View remains, of course, to collect images documenting every street and roadway in the world. Due to privacy concerns, Google started blurring all faces and licence plates used in the service, and now Apple is promising to do the same in its own efforts.

Apple also announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference that it would be adding public transit information to the forthcoming iteration of the Maps app – another improvement that will see the company playing catch-up with rival Google.

The planned improvements to Maps are part of a larger strategy seeking to sharpen Apple’s competitive edge in the mobile realm, with the company having announced this week an expansion of its Apple Pay mPayment platform, as well as improvements in the Apple Watch app development process. In those latter two areas, the company is essentially a pioneer; perhaps it will soon reach a point where the same can be said of its efforts in mobile-based cartography.

Source: The Verge