Apple Presenters Emphasize Security-UX Balance

Market analyst Ben Bajarin sat through an in-depth Apple presentation on security last week, and reports that the Cupertino company’s approach is, basically, the real deal.

Apple Presenters Emphasize Security-UX BalanceWriting for Tech.pinions, Bajarin asserts that Apple’s presenters repeatedly returned to the theme of “balancing security with ease of use”. While that may sound to cynics like corporate doublespeak allowing security issues to be skirted for the sake of the user experience, Bajarin is convinced it means the opposite – that by integrating sophisticated security into the user experience, the company has found a way to pioneer advanced security systems like fingerprint scanning via Touch ID.

Bajarin also highlights Apple’s Secure Enclave, a coprocessor embedded in the A7 and later processors of its most recent devices. The Secure Enclave essentially encrypts all user data in a separate, discrete processing environment, ensuring that hackers cannot attain valuable information without the user’s passcode.

This approach to security dovetails with Apple’s putative prioritization of user privacy, a value that made the company the subject of controversy recently as it fought FBI entreaties for help in breaking into a terrorist’s iPhone (efforts that were ultimately successful without Apple’s help). Controversy aside, Apple’s strong stance on both security and privacy could help to ensure it remains a market winner as users become increasingly conscious of the vulnerability of their sensitive data, which is being stored on, and transmitted from, their devices in increasing amounts.

Source: Tech.pinions