Apple Shareholders to CEO: Partner with Tesla or Buy It

Apple Aims at Privacy ConcernsShareholders are pushing Apple’s CEO to consider partnering with electric car company Tesla, according to a CBC News article. Failing that, they’d like Apple CEO Tim Cook to just buy Tesla.

The questions seem to have been spurred by speculation that Apple has been looking into the possibility of building an electric car, given how it has allegedly been poaching high-level engineers from A123 Systems, a company specializing in the development of batteries for electric cars – at least, according to that company’s recent lawsuit against Apple.

The CBC article also notes that Apple and Tesla have a history of trying to steal each others’ employees. And while the companies theoretically are not in competition with each other, Tesla CEO Elon Musk did recently boast that one day his company, he expects, will be worth more than Apple, which is valued at over $700 billion.

For his part, Tim Cook avoided shareholders’ questions about the potential partnership or acquisition, saying only that Apple doesn’t have a relationship with Tesla, but that he’d love for the company to take an interest in Apple’s Car Play smart car software. Still, given how Apple is now dipping its toes into the watch market, one can’t help but wonder what other industries the company might be interested in disrupting.