Apple Teaming up With MasterCard, Visa and AmEx For iPhone 6 Mobile Wallet

It’s September, which means only one thing for Apple early adopters: the new iPhone launch is just around the corner. The Advent-like time leading up to the company’s smartphone launches is always punctuated with enough rumors and leaks to keep the anticipation high, and this year, as we await the iPhone 6, has been no exception. Rumored production delays, imaginary heart rate headphones and promises of a more durable screen have all been the subject of speculation this past summer.

Today, Bloomberg and Re/Code are reporting that an anonymous source close to the iPhone 6 situation has let loose information pertaining to three partnerships, still in talks, expected to enable mobile wallet functionality on the upcoming iPhone.

According to the source, Apple is in private talks with MasterCard, Visa and American Express, working out a deal that will allow payment through the smartphone’s new NFC feature. The partnership is expected to be announced along with the iPhone itself on September 9, so bookmark your livestream websites and update your calendars.

Thanks to the three financial partnerships, iPhone 6 users will be able to make payments at physical point of sale (POS) using their shiny new devices.

Whether or not the physical mobile payment solution will take advantage of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor is still up in the air. Earlier this year at WWDC 2014, Apple announced that with its newest operating system, iOS 8, will open up the biometric sensor to developers, signifying an intention to support Touch ID functionality. It is expected that the fingerprint sensor will eventually play a part in Apple’s mobile wallet roadmap if not upon the device’s launch.