Apple Employees Reportedly Testing P2P Payments Service

Apple Pay Cash appears to be getting closer to its official release, with Apple staff reportedly testing the peer-to-peer payments platform internally.

The system was officially announced in late spring, when Apple suggested that it would be launched with iOS 11. It’s designed to let iOS users send money directly to other users through the Messages app – in other words, enabling P2P transfers via text message. To that end, it leverages a virtual Apple Pay Cash payment card supported by prepaid card specialist Green Dot; and transfers based on debit accounts occur free of charge, while credit card transactions carry a three percent fee.

While the service did not arrive with the launch of iOS 11, a recent YouTube posting of a video tutorial on Apple Pay Cash – which has since been removed – suggested that it was coming soon. Likewise regarding MacRumors’ new revelation that one of its forum members claims to have learned from an Apple employee that staffers are now actively testing the system amongst themselves, with the source even sending along screenshots of the app in use.

The screenshots depict the virtual Apple Pay Cash card, and a transfer failure notification, but don’t offer any hints about whether the setup process will employ a document recognition system, as previously rumored. They do hint, however, that an official launch of the service is imminent.

Sources: MacRumors, 9to5Mac, AppleInsider