Apple To Launch Streaming Music Service on Android

Apple Aims at Privacy ConcernsIn what is sure to be looked back on a s a portent warning of the eventual apocalypse, Apple is slated to release its first ever Android app in the form of a new streaming music service. According to Mark Gurman on 9to5Mac, the service stems from Apple’s relatively recent acquisition of Beats Music (a wholly different music app). Apple will be designing the new app, making it consistent with Cupertino’s strong brand, but it will be powered by Beats technology and be available through Google Play.

Streaming music services have been growing in popularity, allowing users to pay a flat monthly or annual fee for all the music they can listen to rather than purchase track-by-track. Rdio and Spotify (which has an option to receive the service free of charge thanks to advertising) are the current titans of the disruptive movement, and Apple’s service aims to give iLifers an in-house option on either iOS or Android. The Apple music service is speculated to be priced at $7.99 per month.

Though designing for Android might seem like in-house heresy, especially if you’ve ever sat through a self-aggrandizing Apple keynote, Tim Cook has stated in the past that if it made sense to make an app available on Google’s OS, then it would.

The cross-pollination in enemy territory is something of a necessity when developing a music streaming service, particularly if Apple wants to improve the social networking aspect as 9to5Mac has suggested and especially in a market lead by third party companies with no OS allegiance.

This all having been said, the new Beats powered app will not be released for Windows phones, so at least that rivalry still remains stoic – a firm reminder that, at least in some cases the OS you adopt can limit your access to services.