Apple Watch Launch Event Set to Follow Daylight Savings Change

og_apple_watchApple will host a launch event for its forthcoming Apple Watch on March 9, according to a Guardian article by Samuel Gibbs. The event will be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco, and conveniently coincides with the North American time change, when many of us will have our watches on our minds.

Apple CEO Tim Cook previously suggested that the product will ship in April, but given previous precedents of how soon products tend to ship after their launch events, Gibbs speculates that the smart watch will arrive in stores by the end of March. Either way, it’s expected to do huge numbers when it hits shelves.

There’s already a lot of excitement about the device, and Apple has a history of popularizing new products on the strength of its brand. That means the excitement about Apple Watch could also be good news for the company’s competitors, who have tried to pre-empt its release with smart watches of their own, but have struggled to make huge inroads into the mass market.

The product’s launch could also prove a boon to biometrics developers. There are hints that the Apple Watch will have some pretty sophisticated biometric technology, and if its applications prove popular among consumers, it could spur further excitement in an already burgeoning industry, and drive up demand from consumers and enterprise clients alike.