Apple Watch Social Media Post Provokes Anger in China

Apple Watch Social Media Post Provokes Anger in ChinaThe Apple Watch continues to make a big splash on social media, but it’s not all to the good. The son of one of China’s wealthiest real estate proprietors has posted photos of his dog wearing two luxury Apple Watch Editions, valued at about $20,000 USD each.

Wang Sicong uploaded the images of his dog to an account on Weibo (a service similar to Twitter) dedicated to his dog Keke. Many Weibo uses responded with some measure of disgust or indignation at the flagrant display of wealth. Anger was mostly directed toward Mr. Sicong, though, with few mustering any ill will toward the gold-plated Apple Watches themselves; Apple is a very popular brand in the country.

For those apt to find fault with conspicuous consumption, the Apple Watch Edition would be an easy target. Its functionality is just the same as any other Apple Watch, some of which are as inexpensive as $349 USD. And Apple has promoted it with sycophancy, pampering potential buyers with better customer service than is provided to others.

But hey, that’s luxury. There are a great many luxury watches out there priced far beyond their technological value, and Apple has been trying to promote its own high-end Apple Watch as an alternative to those. And given how the bourgeois are flashing their luxury watches in this case, the strategy seems to be working.

Source: BuzzFeed