Apple Watch Coming To Wrists in April

og_apple_watchApple CEO Tim Cook has revealed that the Apple Watch will ship in April, according to a Financial Post article by Adam Satariano. The news came by way of a conference call, and generally meets industry-watchers expectations with respect to a spring release for the device.
Apple hasn’t revealed all the details of the device, but we do know a few things. For one, the price is going to be $349 USD. We also know what it looks like – a pretty standard watch, with a somewhat long, rectangular, curved screen as its face – and that a dial on its side will scroll through its apps. 
The smartwatch will also have biometric capabilities expanding on those possessed by the latest iPhones and similar to the capabilities found on many fitness-tracking devices, able to monitor certain cardiac information and also caloric consumption. Apple rivals have tried to get ahead of it a little bit with this sort of thing, Microsoft having launched its Microsoft Band late last year, and Samsung having pushed out its own smartwatch around the same time. But the Apple brand remains a formidable foe; its latest iPhones sold like gangbusters in this year’s first quarter, and the Apple Watch is sure to attract a lot of attention when it hits the market.