Apple Watch Users Eager for Playmates

Apple Watch Users Eager for PlaymatesThe Apple Watch allows users to share visual representations of their heartbeats with those they love. Sadly, there are those users who don’t have partners with whom to share such intimate ephemera, and, according to an article on The Verge by James Vincent, they’re heading online to look for a partner in the exercise.

As Wired has reported, these lonely early adopters are heading to forums such as r/lonelyheartbeats to look for a match. Really, though, it seems like they’re just keen to test out all the features of their news toys, with one user explaining to Wired that most on the reddit forum don’t seem intent on building relationships around the heartbeat feature. And as the moderator of the forum explained, most users are playing with the Apple Watch’s drawing feature to send each other images that are perhaps less than romantic in nature.

It could be a good sign for Apple that its new device is generating such excitement. Many new users were enthusiastically taking to social media with pics of their Apple Watches upon receiving the initial shipments, and further social media sharing of this nature could help to promote the smartwatch deeper into the mainstream, which may result in increased sales not just for Apple but for its smartwatch rivals too.