Apple Announces WWDC Keynote Address

Apple has set a date for its annual developers conference keynote address. It will take place on June 13th at 10:00 a.m., with the overall WWDC conference running from that date until the 17th.

Apple Announces WWDC Keynote AddressThe company hasn’t made any official announcements about what to expect from the keynote, but WWDC generally produces new developments in areas other than Apple’s flagship hardware products. For example, last year’s event saw the announcement of Apple Music and the opening of the Apple Watch to third party app development, among other things.

For this year, industry watchers are expecting announcements concerning the expansion of Siri, the company’s AI assistant based on voice interaction. Some expect Apple to allow third party developers to integrate Siri, as Amazon has done with its Alexa AI assistant, and there is also speculation that Siri will be brought to Mac products. That speculation has a strong basis given the massive investment Apple and its IT giant competitors have been pouring into voice-based AI technology, with Google having recently highlighted its own successes in this area in the wake of its recent Google I/O developer conference.

Other anticipated developments include a redesign of Apple Music, and a rebranding of “Mac OS X” to “Mac OS”.

Sources: Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch