Apple’s Commerce and Privacy Focus Marks Fundamental Industry Transformation

A new market brief from Acuity Market Intelligence is positioning Apple’s recent announcements in the areas of commerce, privacy and biometrics as market changing in a major way. The research firm posits that thanks to Apple’s focus on giving users control over their personal data, mobile biometrics are now poised as a privacy enabling technology rather than the opposite.

Apple Pay

According to Acuity, Apple Pay, Touch ID and embedded device security have allowed Apple to dramatically shift the mobile biometrics marketplace.

A few weeks ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook posted a message on his company’s website committing to the respect and protection of user privacy. Deriding the practices of Apple’s competitors that monetize personal user data, Cook’s message came on the heels of the announcement of the Apple Pay iPhone feature and the two biometric smartphones that enable the mobile wallet.

Maxine Most, a principal of Acuity, underlines that Apple Pay, Touch ID and embedded device privacy have broken open the mobile consumer biometrics marketplace more than any other advocate has been able to in the past ten years. Acuity’s latest market brief titled “The ABC’s of Mobility: Apple, Biometrics, and the Promise of Consumer-Centric Privacy” explains the reasons behind this and the resulting dramatic market shift away from the monetization of personal data and models requiring a reliance on credit bureaus.

“With the Touch ID enabled iPhone 6, iOS 8 and Apple Pay, Apple is offering consumers biometrically secured devices and mobile phone transactions,” she says. “At the same time, Apple has assured customers that the company will not have access to the data on their iPhones, will not track or store users’ iPhone transaction footprint, nor will they have the ability to comply with government warrants or subpoenas for data on these mobile phones.”

Most continues: “With these strategic moves in the areas of commerce and privacy, Apple has initiated what may very well be a fundamental transformation of both the role of the mobile phone and the market dynamics surrounding the ownership and management of consumer data.”

More information and insight from Acuity on this hottest of mobile ID topics will be available in the upcoming report titled “The Global Biometrics and Mobility Report: The Convergence of Commerce and Privacy” which is scheduled for release in November of this year.