Arki Wristband Helps Consumers to Walk the Walk

iStock_Multi-Modal-300x225There’s a new niche being carved out in the world of fitness-tracking wearable devices: Posture and gait analysis. As profiled in an article by Victoria Woollaston for The Daily Mail’s MailOnline, the Arki wristband, developed by Zitko, uses biometric technology to analyze users posture and walking habits.

For consumers who struggle with their posture – and there are many of us suffer from Writer’s Slouch, for example – the device could have some real utility. It provides haptic feedback to users a sort of pavlovian encouragement to self-correct, and it also offers a companion app that offers users a Sound Walking Score. Interestingly, the device can also use walking patterns for user authentication, which suggests that Zitko’s technology could find further applications beyond its current scope.

There’s a growing number of wearable fitness trackers on the market, so it makes sense for smaller companies to try to find some way to differentiate themselves. That having been said, there are also wearable devices that seek to do everything – from fitness tracking to health analysis to email connectivity – and so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see this kind of technology appear in, say, the Apple Watch in the future. In any case, it’s an exciting field to be in, and Arki currently seems to have the gait-correction market cornered.