Arrow Electronics Announces Azure Certified IoT Development Board

Arrow Electronics Announces Azure Certified IoT Development BoardArrow Electronics has announced a new development board for Internet of Things products. Called the DragonBoard 410c, it’s based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 410 processor and designed for compatibility with Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite.

The DragonBoard 410c is intended to foster innovation in the development of embedded products for the IoT. It’s based on Linaro’s 96Boards open-source specifications and features Quad-core ARM Cortex A53 processing, Bluetooth, WLAN, and GPS capabilities. And yet it’s low-cost and small, at about the size of a payment card. Arrow says it could be used to develop products with applications ranging from smart building automation to gaming to medical devices and more.

Importantly, it’s also Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT, meaning it has been approved for compliance with a set of standard developed by Microsoft to ensure interoperability and compatibility between IoT devices. This could be important as the IoT continues to take shape; numerous experts and market researchers have pointed to the market obstacles presented by a lack of cross-industry standards, and Microsoft’s efforts, along with those of collaborative groups like the AllSeen Alliance, are helping to put such standards in place. With an Azure-certified low-cost development board available, many more compatible products from other parties could soon be developed and connecting via Azure protocols.