ARTIK-Based IoT Solutions Start to Emerge

Samsung is promoting the advantages of its ARTIK platform for companies looking to take advantage of the Internet of Things through new client developments.

ARTIK-Based IoT Solutions Start to EmergeAs buzz about the IoT started to build over the last year or two, multiple industry and tech experts decried the lack of standards in the field, noting that compatibility and communications issues would plague the IoT if such standards weren’t in place. ARTIK, announced last spring, was Samsung’s answer to that concern: It’s a platform of system on modules (SOMs) meant to offer the building blocks of interconnectivity, so that companies can get their products and services up and running easily. It also enables analytics, with data collected from connected devices and encrypted to help secure it.

Now, Samsung is highlighting some of the products and services that have been developed using ARTIK. Naver, for example, created a voice-controlled smart home AI assistant along the lines of Amazon’s Alexa; meanwhile FS Studio has developed a drone that can seek out and recognize designated objects.

Other major IT companies are also trying to offer their own IoT building blocks, of course, as can be seen in Microsoft’s Azure efforts. But with clients already starting to develop new IoT solutions, and new distribution partners Arrow and Mujin helping ARTIK to reach more clients, Samsung is seeking to position itself as a leading platform provider for the IoT.