Asia-Pacific Industrial IoT Market Takes Shape

Asia-Pacific Industrial IoT Market Takes ShapeThe industrial Internet of Things (IoT) market is starting to take shape in the Asia-Pacific region, and a new report sketches out its trends. Published by Frost & Sullivan, the “Industrial Internet of Things Market in Asia-Pacific” predicts steady growth for a forecast period stretching to 2020.

According to the report, the Asia-Pacific industrial IoT market is being fuelled primarily by interest in the manufacturing sector, where smart technology could help to produce more efficient and transparent processes. Moreover, the convergence of big data technologies with the IoT is also helping to promote IoT adoption – a trend also expected for the emerging smart buildings market.

Looking at where specifically the growth is expected to be strongest, the report points to Singapore, Austrlia, Japan, and India, with the manufacturing industries in the latter two as well as China already showing signs of early adoption.

There are challenges to overcome, of course. To ensure IoT’s growth, the report suggests that robust security measures will need to be implemented, echoing past calls from security experts for advanced security technologies like biometrics to be integrated into the IoT. The report also asserts that IoT communications must improve, and that uniform protocols should be developed across the industry – areas where cross-industry conglomerates like the AllSeen Alliance are hard at work.