AstraZeneca Donates $250 000 to Healthcare Education and Outreach Program

vital biometrics and wearable techThe Delaware-based not-for-profit AstraZeneca HealthCare Foundation has awarded a USD $250 000 grant to the Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department for its Operation Heart to Heart program. AstraZeneca donated the same amount last year and the year before, so this brings its total contribution to USD $750 000.
Operation Heart to Heart is a program designed to encourage better cardiovascular health outcomes among the state’s rural and agricultural populations in Cuming, Madison, Burt, and Stanton Counties. Rural areas are notorious for their paucity of healthcare facilities, and so access is a major health concern for these populations. Operation Heart to Heart not only offers screening services, but also provides education, and has had some measurable success in the 3000 people it has reached so far: For example, AstraZeneca says that 90 percent of those who at first couldn’t determine normal blood pressure are now able to, while 66 participants of case management programs lost 421 pounds in total.
There are some major technological innovations helping in this area, too, particularly with respect to mobile and remote care. For example, many personal smartphones are now able to track advanced biometric measures, and apps like Apple’s HealthKit can track and translate that data for users. Biometric technology has also helped other remote care applications through specialized devices and software, allowing individuals with limited mobility or access to connect with healthcare professionals digitally for consultation. Such technologies are sure to help organizations like AstraZeneca further attain their objectives as they become more widely and cheaply available.