AT&T Brings Biometric Security to its Mobile App

US telecom AT&T has brought biometric security to its mobile app. The company has announced that its mobile app now supports Touch ID.

AT&T Brings Biometric Security to its Mobile AppThat means AT&T customers using newer iPhones can log in to the myAT&T app via fingerprint scan. Like the many other companies that have embraced biometric authentication for their mobile apps, in a statement announcing the Touch ID support, AT&T framed it in terms of security and customer convenience, calling it “an efficient and effective method for managing your wireless account needs.”

The company also cited a recent study from J.D. Power which found that the inclusion of biometric fingerprint sensors can significantly boost mobile users’ satisfaction levels, asserting that such technology lets customers “sign in more quickly and frequently using just one hand and overall feel more secure about their mobile identity.”

A major company like AT&T embracing fingerprint login for its mobile app offers yet another indication that consumer-facing biometric technology is increasingly mainstream.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)