AT&T Chooses Gemalto’s LinqUS ODC, eSIM Solutions to Manage IoT Subscriptions

AT&T is seeking Gemalto’s help in gearing up for the Internet of Things. The telecom will use Gemalto’s LinqUS On-Demand Connectivity and embedded SIM solutions to manage its mobile subscriptions as more devices go online.AT&T Chooses Gemalto LinqUS ODC, eSIM Solutions to Manage IoT Subscriptions

Gemalto recently upgraded its LinqUS ODC solution to make it compliant with the GSMA Consumer Remote SIM Provisioning Specification, with Gemalto On-Demand Connectivity VP Benoit Jouffrey having explained that the solution is meant to make setting up a network subscription as easy as turning on a connected device. Meanwhile, on the eSIM front, Gemalto has previously been named a key solutions provider by market research firm Juniper Research.

These credentials have evidently proven persuasive for AT&T, which claims to already have had 30 million connected devices on its network in Q3 of last year. In a statement, AT&T IoT Solutions President Chris Penrose said Gemalto’s LinqUS and eSIM offerings “are ideal solutions to help AT&T sustain dynamic growth as we shift from mobile operator to mobility service provider.”