Audyssey Aims for Long-Distance Voice Command

A California-based tech company is testing how far it can carry users’ speech commands with a new voice recognition system called Audyssey eVR.

Audyssey Aims for Long-Distance Voice CommandAudyssey was founded in 2004 by a group of University of South California audio signal researchers, and has since specialized in developing audio technology for consumer electronics products. Its latest offering is meant to facilitate “far field voice recognition”, allowing users to interact with devices by voice command even if they aren’t in close proximity.

In a statement announcing eVR, Audyssey stressed the R&D effort that it has poured into the device, noting that it has dedicated two years to the project, in addition to having explored acoustics for over ten years. According to its website, eVR can hear users’ voices from up to 19 feet away, and it’s also designed to pick up on key activation words, enabling voice wakeup – even when the device itself is playing loud music.

The solution arrives at a time when voice command is emerging as a key user interface for smartphones, smart home devices, and the emerging Internet of Things. With some big names like Google and Apple investing heavily in their own such technologies, Audyssey may face some tough competition, but the sophistication of its technology may help to give it a competitive edge, or may even lead to a lucrative acquisition.