SMI Announces Eye-Tracking for Augmented Reality Tech

SMI Announces Eye-Tracking for Augmented Reality TechSensoMotoric Instruments (SMI), a company specializing in eye-tracking technology, has developed a new system for augmented reality solutions. Announced at the 2015 Siggraph Conference, the system is designed to track the eye movements of users of Epson’s Moverio BT-200 headset.

The main aim of SMI’s new system is to facilitate accurate image overlays in augmented reality displays. In other words, when a user is looking around through her Moverio BT-200 smart glasses, she will see digital media displayed above relevant geographic elements, such as a description of a local landmark or a store. In order for such augmented reality overlays to function properly, accurate data on what the user is looking at is needed to properly orient them in the virtual space being mapped by the AR system. That, of course, is where SMI’s system comes in. Its eye-tracking algorithms are designed to cater AR visualizations to the user’s eye biometrics, ensuring that they digital data is mapped accurately.

While devices like Google Glass have helped to spur speculation about the potential of this technology to provide data to everyday users via wearable smart glasses, SMI has more serious applications in mind. The company has previously developed technology with an eye to aiding in research on cognitive and neurodegenerative disorders, and with its new system the company suggests that it could provide on-demand data about “condition of cargo, health data of patients, or performance data of machines,” among other things.