Insiders Peg August 13 as Launch for New Samsung Devices

Insiders Peg August 13 as Launch for New Samsung DevicesThe case is mounting for an early release of Samsung’s next flagship mobile devices. While Samsung still hasn’t made an official announcement, there are now very specific rumors emerging from industry sources indicating that the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus are going to be launched at a New York event on August 13th.

The devices themselves are exciting in the same way that all iterative updates to existing smartphones are exciting, with bigger screens and some minor technical improvements to their specs. The really notable thing about their launch is its earliness, especially given that Samsung had previously flatly denied the possibility that its new devices would launch early. The move appears to indicate an aversion to competing directly against the new Apple devices coming in September, and part of the motivation for that could be that Samsung itself is making the microprocessor that’s going to power the coming iPhone 6S, so in a sense it will be competing against its own technology.

Also worth noting is the fact that previous rumors had suggested Samsung plans to launch Samsung Pay, its own mPayment platform, at the same time as the new mobile devices. The industry sources citing the August 13th launch event are mute on that point, but it remains a possibility, and if it is realized it could signal a big shift in the mPayment industry, which is currently dominated by Apple Pay.

Source: Business Korea