Upgraded Authenticator for Android Features Wearable Compatibility

Upgraded Authenticator for Android Features Wearable CompatibilityGoogle has announced a new version of its Authenticator for Android tool. The latest upgrade of the mobile security platform features wearable compatibility and previews NFC Security Key support.

The wearable support is limited, of course, to Android Wear devices. But it is a bold step forward in wearable connectivity, allowing the user to receive verification codes from devices such as smartwatches.

Meanwhile, Authenticator for Android’s developer preview for NFC Security Key outlines what could become an important tool for mobile security, particularly mPayment transactions that rely on NFC technology. The NFC Security Key is based on the FIDO Alliance‘s U2F protocol, ensuring a high level of security for authentication.

On top of these enhancements, the new version of Authenticator for Android features an overhauled user interface, making it that much more agreeable for users seeking enhanced authentication security.