Authentify and LifeMed ID Team Up to Offer Patient ID Platform

Sensory Announces Multi-Language Support For Speaker RecognitionMobile authentication specialist Authentify, Inc. has teamed up with LifeMed ID, a healthcare patient identity management solutions provider, to develop a new mobile patient ID system. Their new “Better Together” solution is designed to improve both security and ease of access in the areas of medical record access, payment processing, insurance verification, and, of course, patient ID validation.

The system works via a mobile app. Medical staff enroll a patient, and then the patient download’s the app, which will then be able to authenticate the patient via Authentify voice recognition. Whenever the patient then presents their mobile device at a medical facility’s point of service (POS) terminal, LifeMed ID technology will generate a unique QR code. It’s thus an easy-to-use, secure system for patient identification management, and it’s compliant with NIST Electronic Authentication Guidelines for Level of Assurance 3 standards.

It could be a very useful system as healthcare institutions continue to embrace digital records-keeping and associated technologies, with companies like BIO-key winning contracts for its EHR solution across America, while Calgary Scientific’s remote medical image viewing platform continues to explore new markets around the world. We’re even starting to see eSignature solutions tailored for medical professionals issuing prescriptions, so it won’t be a surprise at all if this joint venture between Authentify and LifeMed ID proves popular in the healthcare market.