Autonomous Vehicles Spur Automotive Sensor Market: TechVision

The emergence of autonomous vehicles is spurring a growing market for advanced sensor technologies for automotive applications, reports Frost & Sullivan’s TechVision research team.

Autonomous Vehicles Spur Automotive Sensor Market: TechVisionIn a statement, TechVision argues that such sensor technology can offer useful contextual information to autonomous driving systems, citing examples like night vision, pedestrian detection, and parking assistance. Going a step further, Research Analyst Varun Babu says smart car systems are integrating with biometric wearables, allowing them “to monitor driver fatigue and alertness by monitoring the driver’s head position, eyelid movement, body posture, or vital signs such as heart rate or blood pressure and alcohol levels.”

The research points to the continuing convergence of automotive and biometric technologies, and echoes a Technavio report from earlier this year in which the market research firm predicted a 19 percent CAGR for the biometric automotive market between 2017 and 2021.

TechVision’s smart car sensor predictions come from Frost & Sullivan’s Sensors and Instrumentation research line.