Avaya DevConnect MarketPlace Now Offers SpeechPro Voice Biometrics

Speechpro-logo_enToday, speech technology developer SpeechPro announced that is has partnered with Avaya in order to offer its VoiceKey platform available through the DevConnect MarketPlace.

In order to be made available on Avaya’s Marketplace, SpeechPro had to submit VoiceKey to a rigorous evaluation process. The DevConnect MarketPlace only allows customers access to company certified solutions. Now that VoiceKey has achieved Avaya’s approval it will be made available alongside other Avaya technological partner solutions for customers looking for ready-made and proven third-party products to serve their needs.

Now that it’s available through the MarketPlace, VoiceKey will have an expanded reach. Customers looking for biometrics that can bolster their call center, interactive voice response (IVR) or mobile applications can find SpeechPro’s solution through Avaya’s web-portal.

“SpeechPro’s VoiceKey solution has undergone rigorous interoperability testing,” attests Eric Rossman, vice president of developer relations for Avaya. “By working with companies like SpeechPro to ensure compatibility, Avaya customers can choose from hundreds of third-party applications and deploy them with confidence.”

SpeechPro president Alexey Khitrov commented on the partnership, saying, “I am delighted that our VoiceKey voice biometrics application has been rated Avaya compliant as we can now provide Avaya customers with a choice when it comes to voice identification solutions. VoiceKey’s flexible application platform provides organizations using Avaya Aura Experience Portal with additional options to protect their customer’s confidential information.”

This team up doesn’t just extend to benefitting VoiceKey’s reach. Now that SpeechPro is a technology partner, it can submit products for similar eligibility testing.

Earlier this year, SpeechPro president Alexey Khitrov sat down for an interview with our sister site findBIOMETRICS. In the discussion, Khitrov talks about the VoiceKey.OnePass: a multifactor biometric software that, as its name implies, runs on the VoiceKey platform. SpeechPro was also once of the companies featured in findBIOMETRICS’s Biometric Software Month.