Avidia Bank Announces Apple Pay Support

Avidia Bank Announces Apple Pay SupportAnother US bank has come into the Apple Pay fold. Massachusetts-based Avidia Bank has announced its debit and credit cards are now compatible with the mPayment service.

In a press release, Avidia CEO Mark O’Connell highlighted the technological sophistication of the platform while also pointing to its convenience for customers. “We are proud to be able to continue delivering the latest payments innovation,” he said, adding that the app would improve the “overall banking experience with Avidia Bank.”

The support adds to an already impressive roster of support from financial institutions in the US, but it also highlights a contrast against Apple Pay’s experience in newly entered markets. The service launched this fall in Canada and Australia with American Express support as Amex issues its own cards, but it hasn’t yet attained much support among card-issuing banks and credit unions in those countries. While further progress can be expected in Canada, Australia’s banks have been at loggerheads with Apple over the issue of fees, and it isn’t clear when or even if there will be a breakthrough.

In any case, the service’s US support continues to grow, and that should help Apple to fend off competition in its home country.