Microsoft Azure Sets Up Security Oversight Program for IoT Development

Microsoft’s Azure IoT division is seeking to assuage clients’ concerns about security with a new Security Program for Azure IoT.

Microsoft's Azure IoT division is seeking to assuage clients' concerns about security with a new Security Program for Azure IoT.The company is essentially seeking to set up a watchdog body for Azure IoT solutions, with a group of auditors assessing the security of clients’ products and services and offering guidance on how to improve them. Microsoft says that clients will be able to choose the auditors, with an initial group comprised of Casaba Security LLC, CyberX, Praetorian, and Tech Mahindra.

In a blog post announcing the new program, Azure IoT’s Partner Director of Program Management, Sam George, highlighted the security measures already in place for Azure, including “enterprise-grade security, working with standards bodies on IoT security, and providing comprehensive security recommendations and guidance”. But as the Internet of Things has continued to take shape, security concerns have intensified. The US Justice Department has set up a new task force meant to tackle the homeland security threats of the IoT, and a recent IoT-based DDOS attack that temporarily shut down several major websites including Spotify, The New York Times, and Twitter, has also likely rattled nerves throughout the tech world.

The Security Program for Azure IoT is a timely invention, then, and an effort that will likely be appreciated by many of Microsoft’s clients as they seek to add their own building blocks to the IoT.