Barclays’ Apple Pay Support Finally Arrives

UK bank Barclays has finally enabled Apple Pay support.

Barclays' Apple Pay Support Finally ArrivesThe move comes after lengthy delays. When Apple was negotiating with the country’s major banks ahead of its UK launch last summer, Barclays was a holdout until the last moment; and while it was officially on board for the mPayment platform’s debut, actual support, in terms of allowing customers to upload their bank cards to the service, didn’t materialize.

That may be because Barclays was keen to promote its own mPayment app, which it continues to put forward as an alternative to Android Pay and Samsung Pay ahead of their respective launches in the UK market. In any case, having hinted this past January that real Apple Pay support was on the way at last, it has now emerged.

Meanwhile, in the US, Apple continues to build up its roster of supporters among banks and credit unions, with 32 new members announced. By now the company has snagged support from all of the biggest national banks, but the continuing additions of smaller regional supporters further bolsters its presence in the US market.

Sources: BBC News, 9to5Mac