Time to Move ‘Beyond Basic FIDO’: Nok Nok Labs

With the FIDO Alliance’s authentication standards becoming increasingly well-respected and widespread, FIDO co-founder Nok Nok Labs says that for some organizations it’s time to go “beyond basic FIDO.”Time to Move 'Beyond Basic FIDO': Nok Nok Labs

In a new blog post, the company argues that industry standards “typically represent the lowest common denominator of functionality that can be agreed to across a large body of independent organizations.” FIDO standards are certainly important, but they’re quickly coming to represent the minimum acceptable standard for authentication, which means more security-conscious organizations may want to start looking beyond them.

For Nok Nok Labs’ part, the organization is looking to focus on certain metadata factors in assessing fraud risks. Geolocation can be used to flag activity coming from unusual locations, and to see when a user’s location switches at an unrealistically fast pace; and other signals can indicate whether a user’s device has seen tampering.

It’s an approach adjacent to that of behavioral biometrics, an emerging technology that assesses patterns in how users interact with websites, apps, and their devices, for signs of potential fraud threats. Like the metadata used by Nok Nok Labs, it’s a new approach offering an extra layer of authentication – and on that is generating considerable interest, as will be demonstrated in FindBiometrics’ upcoming webinar on the topic.

These approaches could add considerable value to security solutions while FIDO’s standards continue to become more mainstream as baseline security measures in protecting users in the digital age.