BHG Offers Apple Pay Support

BHG Offers Apple Pay SupportBankers Healthcare Group (BHG) is now offering Apple Pay support via its BHG Power MasterCard, the company has announced.

BHG is focused on servicing the needs of healthcare professionals, and as such its support of Apple Pay should extend to individuals working in an area where biometric and mobile-based technologies are an increasingly strong presence. BHG customers could therefore prove to be keen adopters of the mPayment service.

In a press release, BHG emphasized the security and simplicity of Apple Pay, pointing to its use of on-device encryption of payment card information. (Though the statement made no mention of the service’s use of fingerprint-based biometric authentication for purchases.) “Now, our cardholders will enjoy the benefits of safe, simple Apple Pay transactions,” said BHG President Bob Castro.

As rival mPayment platforms like Android Pay and Samsung Pay start to spread around the world, Apple Pay continues to rack up support from smaller and more secure payment card issuers, having already partnered with the bigger organizations at its launch last year. It’s an increasingly competitive market and each platform needs all the support it can get.