Bilingual Bixby Launches Worldwide

Bixby, Samsung’s voice-based AI assistant, is now available on Samsung devices worldwide, with the company announcing that Bixby has arrived in 200 countries and territories.

Bilingual Bixby Launches WorldwideIt’s a dramatic expansion given that Bixby only just enabled English language support and launched in the US last month. The platform’s language capabilities have not expanded along with its new global availability – Bixby can still only interact in English and Korean – but Samsung says support for additional languages is coming.

In a statement announcing Bixby’s global expansion, Samsung emphasized the intelligence of its AI system, which can understand relatively complex instructions like, “Send the picture I just took to Mom.” The company also highlighted Bixby’s Quick Command feature, which lets users assign multiple functions to a single word, such as making Bixby set an alarm and turn on a device’s blue light filter and Do Not Disturb mode with the simple statement, “Goodnight.”

Samsung’s determination to promote the AI capabilities of its mobile assistant platform reflects an intensifying technological race between multiple consumer-facing tech companies including Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft, to gain a leading position in voice interaction technology as it becomes an increasingly important user interface across multiple devices.